50 Shades Likely to be the biggest Promotional Merchandise not aimed at Children

No one foresaw the monumental success of the 50 shades trilogy – a raunchy book targeted at women. With the film of the BDSM bestseller out this week, brands and companies of all shapes and sizes across industries have capitalised on the revenue opportunities available by offering products inspired by the trilogy.

Traditionally when toys are made for movies, they are usually intended for children however increasingly strange items of merchandise are competing for fan’s money.

Predictably, the adult toys industry are rubbing their hands in anticipation and banking on the hope that the launch of the film this Valentine’s day will generate colossal sales.

Apart from leather restraints, party board games and products of that nature, fans can also choose from many product tie-ins that including apparel, accessories, jewellery, kitchen & housewares, garden, beauty, stationary. Other products you wouldn’t naturally associate with the book include a baby changing mat that boasts words like “Nine months ago mummy read 50 shades of Grey..”, baby grows with the “I’m a result of my mommy reading Fifty Shades of Grey”, says one tiny outfit. Another proclaims: “My mommy pretends Christian Grey is my daddy”. Surf’s fabric softener with “scentsual oils” caused controversy with handcuffs hanging on the “s” of its name.

The author of the books E L James is not missing a slice of the action herself with her website selling a collection of wines and gif sets with her books.
Gordon Glenister of the BPMA comments, “It is great to see Branded products playing a key role in uniting fans of the phenomenon. The BPMA would like to know if our members have been involved in supplying the products. We are interested in case studies for Promotional Products Week which is from 14th September to 18th September 2015.”

Promotional Products week is a celebration of the Promotional Products industry and is the winner of the Constant Contact Special Award for Outstanding Digital Achievement 2014.

The ‘Week’ will showcase promotional merchandise at its best highlighting its essential role in the marketing mix and explaining why it’s continually used by marketers keen to make an impact on end users. Sales of promotional products in the UK are worth a staggering £860 million per annum. For more information please visit www.promotionalproductsweek.co.uk


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