B-Loony raises the bar for food flag hygiene

Printing company B-Loony has completed a several-thousand-pound project to build a food-safe clean room – complete with robotic machinery – for the production of food flags.

Earning themselves a certificate in food safety standards, B-Loony’s marketing manager Kris Baker said: “We are immensely proud. We believe we are the only operation in the UK (and possibly the world) which meets the FSSC:22000 food hygiene regulations for producing food flags, and where the flags are actually made by robots in a food-safe clean room.”

B-Loony manufacture food flags to give users not only a great branding and advertising opportunity, but also to provide consumers with essential ingredient and allergy information. Furthermore, B-Loony realised that as these flag sticks were in contact with food (particularly meat and fish), they had to be produced in a food-safe and hygienic environment.

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Gourmet burger with food flag
Gourmet burger with food flag