Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse partner with Channl

Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse, leaders in the provision of digital printing and promotional product supply to distributors, have agreed a partnership with Channl, a subsidiary of Altitude Group Plc, to fuse their great selection of full colour printed products available on short lead times with Channl’s free websites.

The partnership will see Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse provide access to their product range through the Channl platform. Each free distributor website uses unique technology, allowing consumers to browse, customise products and complete checkout within minutes. This unique process ultimately gives distributors everything they need to stay ahead of competition, streamlining and revolutionising the buying process, avoiding lengthy approval processes and artwork creation. Distributors are even sent the print-ready artwork at the end of the checkout process to send straight to production.

Deborah Wilkinson, general manager of Channl commented: “We are delighted to have agreed this partnership with Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse. Their range of products fit exactly with what end buyers are looking for online.

“The Channl solution is a leading innovation, and the free e-commerce websites and company stores available to distributors have removed all barriers to selling promo online. That being said, it’s product that sells and so it’s key for us to provide access to a great product range to enable distributors to grow their online business – and Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse further enable us to do exactly that. The solution perfectly matches what both businesses are enthusiastic about and determined to provide, which is the best possible solution for distributors to successfully run their promotional products business and grow online sales.”

Rob Hayes, marketing director, The Pen Warehouse added: “Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse’s heavy investment in digital printing started years ago when we began putting in our first large format flatbed digital printers. We have also been keeping an eye on the economy in the UK and the trend of e-commerce and millennials entering into buying positions.

“Customers are simply wanting to buy online quickly and easily and we wanted to open up this new revenue channel to our distributors. Channl’s ready-made solution is the perfect platform to solidify all of our innovations and offerings, to allow distributors access to all of our services through their own free eCommerce websites. In short we are excited to roll out to our distributors and for them to reap the benefits.”

To sign up for a free Channl e-commerce website, click here.

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