Fresh foursome added to the Sharon Lee ranks

Stepping into the roles of sales processor, sales/accounts assistant and account manager (in training), Sharon Lee Ltd have welcomed a fresh quartet of faces to the office.

On her new role, Debbie Hupfield noted, “The position of sales processor has presented many challenges so far, which I enjoy finding a solution for! I have been welcomed with open arms by the Sharon Lee team, which I am very grateful for. I am looking forward to continuing to grow in my job and within the company.”

A graduate of Nottingham Trent University, Nadia Tweedie-Walker has taken on the sales and accounts assistant post. “I have recently graduated with a degree in Fashion Management. Through completing this, I have gained essential industry knowledge and insights into the fashion and retail sectors.

“My dissertation explored the impact of the digital age and the increase in experiential retailing that confirmed my decision to further my career path within the fashion industry”, she said. “So far, I have been welcomed nicely by the Sharon Lee team and have learnt key processes and systems that are essential in maintaining all aspects of retailer’s orders. It is great to join the team in such an exciting time for the business!”

Contemporary Design graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, Hollie Williams is relishing the opportunity to test her print and embroidery knowledge. “Here at Sharon Lee, I’m an account manager in training and will be a main point of contact for many of our customers. Having specialised in print and embroidery, I have an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of textile techniques which allows me to understand the processes we provide here and in Far East factories. Originally from Wales, I’ve moved to the area (Essex) in order to further my career and my time here has started positively. We have a great team and excellent opportunities.”

Further to this employment update, Sharon Lee held a short-term internship at their HQ this summer, which was completed by Ellie Cruickshank. Another attendee of Nottingham Trent Uni, Ellie studies Fashion Management and recently went back to campus in order to finish her third year. “For the past three months I have been an intern within the sales department at Sharon Lee, assisting the account managers with customer’s orders. I shadowed meetings with designers and buying teams from many top companies. Through this internship I have made key industry contacts and gained knowledge which has aided me in writing my dissertation proposal”.

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(L to R) Debbie, Hollie, Nadia and Ellie
(L to R) Debbie, Hollie, Nadia and Ellie