Crowdfunding propels company on to successful growth

Southend-on-Sea’s thefullworks has been extremely busy of late, having reeled in successful crowdfunding capital which has enabled the company to move into larger premises as part of its planned expansion.

Director of the company Adam Gorham commented, “We are so excited about taking the keys to our new home! Whilst the office is only down the road from our original location, it can easily accommodate a much larger team going into double figures.

“We have just secured four new staff members that will help us market our offerings into other sectors, secure new business relationships and help maintain our high customer service levels.

“There is so much more potential within the promotional merchandise industry and with more staff members we can help a wider audience. Our offering ranges from online stores, systems integrations, warehousing, order fulfillment, global distribution, collation projects and more.”

Thefullworks’ financial gain has also allowed them to hire two additional platform developers by the end of this year. Co-director at the company, Vinny Barker elaborated, “We are working with distributors that on a weekly basis use their relationships with end-clients to secure long-term agreements by offering our end-to-end services.

“Regardless of whether we are used for the end-to-end service or just the online offering, we want distributors to benefit from the continued development of our industry-focused platform which has a future road-map packed with exciting features!

“Our continued goal is to help distributors offer a truly global service and we are working hard to implement and streamline the operational and online aspects this service must offer.”

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