The Sweet People begin product range reshuffle

Committed to their SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) audited supplier identity, The Sweet People are relocating all non-confectionery items from their long-standing promotional gifts business to sister company, Liquid Lens Ltd.

Up until 2016, The Sweet People and Liquid Lens Ltd were one company but with the increasing popularity of both the company’s gourmet confectionery and the domed label merchandise, the two businesses have made the decision to physically separate to offer distinct services to the promotional gifts market, enabling both to maintain their market leading positions in both fields.

The Sweet People’s ambitious growth strategy has been a successful one, with the company now offering a personalised luxury chocolate gifting service to trade and retail. Throughout the past two years, the company has embarked on a mission to provide exceptional standards in food and as a SALSA audited supplier, they felt the time was now right to focus purely on confectionery.

Managing director Mandy Hastie explained, “This clean separation of the two businesses will allow both companies to serve our customers better, with a much clearer message on what we both do. It also allows us, as food suppliers, to enhance every aspect of our warehouse to comply with the strictest standards across our confectionery production and packaging.”

Liquid Lens’ Steve Hastie added, “We’ve been busy developing new doming equipment over the past few months. To be able to demonstrate those machines and our mercury-free resin process to people who work in promotions required a dedicated space in which to do that. This new move gives us that place to develop, train and produce products seamlessly, but also to maintain our high levels of customer service to our many loyal distributors.”

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