Galpeg’s associates take a peek inside Halfar’s HQ

German manufacturer Halfar, which specialises in promotional bags, recently opened its doors to Galpeg’s network of associates for an open day.

Ushered inside the Bielefeld HQ, the British visitors had the opportunity both to learn about Halfar’s history and to see products being created at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Noted as the UK’s fastest-growing network of distributors, Galpeg’s director Paul Green commented: “It was such a beneficial trip, both in terms of strengthening relationships and learning more about how well-placed Halfar is to assist us from a service perspective. The Halfar team really went out of their way with their hospitality.

“Halfar are recognised for having the best quality assortment of branded bags at affordable prices. They are noted for sustainability and an array of precision branding techniques.”

Another aspect of Halfar’s offering was their Hall of Fame; a display of all the awards and certifications the company has collected over the years. The Galpeg trip also coincided with Halfar’s ‘Welcome Home’ roadshow on the final day of the Brit’s visit – giving them the opportunity to meet eight other leading European suppliers and get a sneak preview of what’s new in 2018.

Promotional Works’ Richard Andrews marveled, “The Halfar factory is definitely the most impressive facility I have ever visited.” Vicki Gibbings of Think Promotions added: “I was extremely impressed with the set-up. Quality is the watchword throughout Halfar’s design, production and fulfillment process.”

Peter Leseberg, Halfar’s sales and marketing executive, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Galpeg associates to Bielefeld. I know how difficult it is for so many people to be away from their workplace at the same time, especially at this time of year. We look forward to working more closely with each of the associates in the future.”

A walking tour of Bielefeld, dinner out and a trip to the city’s Christmas market rounded off the visit, which the Galpeg delegation hailed as a great success.

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Galpeg associates ready themselves for a tour of Halfar's HQ
Galpeg associates ready themselves for a tour of Halfar's HQ