Recognition Express calls on businesses to support mental health

With mental health at the forefront of societal consciousness, Recognition Express’ Sally Findlay recently decided to support Mind’s Christmas Matched Funding Appeal. The charity reached out to the local businesswoman who runs the East Molesey-based promo company with her husband and agreed to pledge £500 to their campaign.

It’s estimated that only 25% of people suffering from mental health issues receive support each year and with her donation Sally hopes to encourage other local corporate donors to do the same. Mind, whose president is TV personality Stephen Fry, is looking to raise more than £150k this Christmas.

“I want to help people get the help they need for something that has been stigmatised for too long. Talking about it is good; people shouldn’t be ashamed and there is help out there”, Sally shared. “I have friends and family who have had problems with their mental health, ranging from transitory episodes of depression, to one friend who suffers so severely she has had several stays in hospital and wanted to take her own life.

“These are people I love and in the past might have been told to bring on the stiff upper-lip and pull themselves together, but actually we are learning to treat these illnesses more effectively and saving more and more lives every year. As part of the community we serve, I believe it is important for local businesses to give back where we can.

“I hope other companies will take up my invitation to match our donation to this very important charity.”

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