Deadline for PSI Sustainability Awards entry approaches

Since its debut three years ago, the PSI Sustainability Awards has been one of the standout events in our industry, incentivising and recognising the achievements of ecologically-focused companies and campaigns. With the awards returning this September for its fourth edition, companies wishing to enter must apply by 20 April.

Distributors, importers, manufacturers, designers, advertising agencies and users are all eligible to participate, with a PSI membership not required. Submissions of campaigns, products and certified companies/corporate in-house initiatives are all welcome, with eight categories available to enter: Economic Excellence, Environmental Excellence, Social Excellence, Environment Initiative, Social Initiative, Sustainable Product, Sustainable Campaign and Sustainable Company of the Year 2018.

A jury consisting of officials from the industry, trade publications and professional associations representing the promo products sector will be evaluating submissions in the Environment Initiative, Social Initiative, Sustainable Product and Sustainable Campaign brackets.

The awards ceremony will unfold at the Kurhaus in Wiesbaden on 7 September, with all of the winners also being presented to a broader group of trade professionals at PSI 2019.

PSI Sustainability applications must be submitted online, with participation fees starting at €190 for PSI members and €380 for non-members. Details can be found at the website HERE.

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