New study suggests music is key in marketing

A new consumer study suggests that music can have a greater psychological effect on brand marketing than visuals when it comes to perceptions of a company’s brand.

Audio branding specialist PHMG conducted a study of 1,000 UK consumers and discovered that music is capable of producing strong emotional reactions that can be associated with a business brand. More than this, even subtle changes to the audio track, such as key, style and chord progression, can affect perceptions too.

60 per cent of respondents reported that they believed that in marketing, music is more memorable than visuals.

Daniel Lafferty, director of music and voice at PHMG, said: “This study underlines the emotional power of music and its potential for conjuring a clear picture of an organisation’s values and ethos in the mind of the listener.

“Our hearing is a more powerful emotional sense than our sight, so there is a clear opportunity for businesses to broaden their marketing horizons and gain a competitive edge by making better use of audio. The phone is one obvious channel where businesses should pay close attention to the sounds that customers hear, but this equally applies to radio and television advertising, videos and product sounds.

“It is important that organisations carefully design brand audio by defining the brand values they would like to convey and ensuring the different variables are matched to these values. Inappropriate music can lead customers to develop negative perceptions of a brand that may prove hard to shift.

“Understanding your own business and the values you want it to represent is crucial to building a strong rapport with customers, while enhancing brand loyalty and memorability. That’s why it is so important to build a brand that accurately reflects the various desired attributes – audio and visuals should be designed to complement each other in pursuit of this goal.”

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