Sixty second interview: Jody Fletcher

In our new regular feature, PPD picks the brains of some of the promo industries most colourful characters.

Meet the founder and managing director of Chilli Promotional Products, Jody Fletcher.

What did you want to be growing up?
An accountant. I was really good at maths and I loved the idea of it, but then I did work experience for an accountancy firm and realised I really wasn’t cut out for it. It’s a bit too quiet and methodical for my brain!

Are you an Apple or Samsung person?
Apple. I think because I had one first. I was given an iPod Touch as part of a promotion from a supplier back in 2009, I think. This was my first Apple product and I’ve been hooked ever since – I love how everything synchs up.

What’s the key to keeping on top of finances?
Not getting into a race to be the cheapest! Ensuring you charge a fair price to the client, which enables you to supply the best product and ensure excellent quality of service too. Of course keeping on top of making sure your invoices get paid is crucial too.

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