Sixty second interview: Louise Etson

Say ‘G’day’ to the general manager of Flourish Promotional Marketing, Louise Etson.

When are you at your most productive?
Mornings, definitely. I’m an annoying morning person. I do talk to our Australian colleagues every day, so I don’t keep regular office hours. They put all of my jobs up on the board over there so I still feel part of the company, which is nice. It’s a bit of a 24 hour working day.

What’s the main difference between the British and Australian markets?
The British market is a lot more cost-conscious. There’s a lot of shopping around for the best price and not necessarily a lot of value placed on the creative input.

What did you want to be growing up?
Originally I wanted to be in the film business, like my grandfather, but he refused to help me! I then tried to become an air hostess, but I was too tall. So I went back to Gibraltar where I had been living since a teenager and worked in a hotel that eventually led to me selling property in Spain and publishing an overseas property magazine.

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Louise Etson
Louise Etson