Sixty second interview: Phil Clarke

PPD picks the brains of some of the promo industries most colourful characters.

Meet the co-founder of Calendar Lady Promotions, Phil Clarke.

What did you want to be growing up?
I really wanted to be a footballer; when I was 16 I signed for Bristol City. I also played for Portsmouth, then I played some semi-professional stuff in my late teens before I decided to go and get a proper job.

When are you at your most productive?
Definitely between 2 and 3pm! I do a lot of work on the telephone and early in the morning people just want to clear their inboxes and ask me to ‘phone back later’. But if I hit them between 2 and 3, nobody’s on lunch and nobody’s gone to do the school run. In that window you can make a lot of phone calls.

What’s the best thing about your job?
As a kid I was obsessed with quoting TV adverts, which my mum told me to stop doing. 20 years later and I’ve made a living out of it. Whether you’re trying to promote a company at an exhibition or whether you’re trying to promote a festival or a new brand, it’s all about marketing cleverly and effectively.

What’s the key to keeping on top of finances?
In short, to marry someone who is good with money! I work with my wife and she deals with all the money and all of the accounts. I can just focus all my energy on getting the sales in.

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Phil Clarke
Phil Clarke