Obstacle course feat for Soopa Doo-pair

Jake Scott-Paul, company director of promotional product supplier Soopa Doopa, was one half of a tireless twosome to take on the obstacle course race ‘Rush’.

Raising funds for a deeply personal matter, Jake took on the challenge, organised by Nuclear Races, with his good friend Matt Lucas. Soopa Doopa’s head honcho is coming up to two years free from alcoholism, and saw this event as a fantastic opportunity to help generate money for charity Action on Addiction.

The course invited participants to wade through 52 obstacles in total, plus a 7km run. Swimming, zip lines, tunnel crawls, death slides and mud baths were all part of the obstacle circuit too.

Jake and Matt raised over £800 for their charitable exploits, with Soopa Doopa kitting the pair out so they could be easily spotted in their hot pink tops.

“While we are doing this for a bit of fun, we felt it was a great opportunity to raise awareness around addiction, that affects so many people. It shows that recovery is possible,” commented Jake.

The duo are hoping to raise £1000 altogether for this cause, with donations being added through this link.

Below is an excerpt from the JustGiving page:

Unfortunately many people do not get access to the residential care that proves so successful in overcoming active addiction, therefore I would like to try and raise some funds to help! This is a bit fun, but also shows that recovery from active addiction is possible and you can turn your life around.

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Jake Scott-Paul (L) with Matt Lucas (R)
Jake Scott-Paul (L) with Matt Lucas (R)